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Section: Preservice Teachers
Reliability of Pre-service Physical Education Teachers' Coding of Teaching Videos Using Studiocode Analysis Software
January 2010   |   Type: Abstract
Source: Journal of Technology and Teacher Education. Vol. 18, Iss. 1; pg. 131. (January 2010.)
The current study investigates the coding reliability and accuracy of pre-service teachers in a teaching methods class using digital video-based teaching episodes and Studiocode analysis software.

Student self-analysis of digital video footage may offer a high tech solution to common shortfalls of traditional systematic observation and reflection practices by increasing the amount, timeliness, and accuracy of performance feedback. What is yet to be determined, is whether students can reliably and accurately analyze such footage.

Using Studiocode software, student analyses were compared to those of experts to determine coding reliability and content accuracy.

The results indicate that with less than two hours of training and three practice attempts, students are moderately reliable in their coding ability and highly accurate in their content analysis.
Students who engage in additional attempts demonstrated high levels of coding reliability and content accuracy.

Implications include (a) students can reliably learn to self-code within a reasonably short period of time making these technologies manageable in teaching methods courses and (b) digital video analysis may provide additional, accurate and reliable sources of feedback beyond traditional evaluative techniques.
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