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Section: Preservice Teachers
edTPA, Videotape, and Occupational Identity: A Study of Pre-service Teachers
Country or Region: USA
May 2017   |   Type: Abstract
Source: Teaching Education, Volume 28, Issue 2, 2017, Pages 194-210

In this study, the author sought to contribute to the scholarly discourse of understanding how North American elementary pre-service teachers experienced evaluation via teacher performance assessments.

Through extensive interviews and thematic data analysis, this study generally supported the contention that the process of completing edTPA deepened student teachers’ understanding of their educational experience in a number of domains, which in turn suggested a broader awareness and appreciation of the complexities of learning to teach.

Data from a larger study indicated that the identified ‘realms of understanding’ fell into four areas of insight related to education: Understanding Children, Understanding Instructional Strategies, Understanding via Collective Learning, and Understanding Self as Teacher.
For the purposes of this paper, the identified area of insight ‘Understanding Self as Teacher’ is explored. These findings lead to several practical ways in which teacher education might be improved, particularly in the area of utilization of video in teacher education programs.
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