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Frequently Asked Questions
Following are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the MOFET ITEC content portal, its newsletter, its materials and the methods for retrieving them.
For further questions, please contact us at:
The MOFET ITEC Content Portal 
Which organization stands behind the portal and what is its aim?
The MOFET Institute, which has been dealing with teacher education for many years, is the body that initiated the establishment of the MOFET ITEC (MOFET's International Channel) and the portal that belongs to it. Full details and additional information can be obtained here.
Is the use of the MOFET ITEC Content Portal free of charge?
Yes. Surfing the portal is open and free to the general public, including registration for the periodic newsletter.
How can I contact the MOFET ITEC staff?
Comments, suggestions and queries can be sent to the following email address: and we will make every effort to reply as promptly as possible.
The MOFET ITEC Portal Newsletter 
Why is it worthwhile registering for the MOFET ITEC Portal newsletter?
We recommend that you register for the periodic MOFET ITEC Portal newsletter, free of charge, in order to keep abreast of the latest research in teacher education.
Each newsletter is sent directly to your electronic mailbox and contains references to all the new items added to the portal.
How do I subscribe?
Simply write your email address under "Free Newsletter" (located top-right). Click the "Subscribe" button and follow the confirmation request that will be sent to your email mailbox.
What use is made of my email address?
Your personal email address is not transferred to any other person or organization. Your address is kept in The MOFET Institute's database only and is used for sending you updates.
Contents of the MOFET ITEC Portal 
What material can be found in the portal?
The portal contains abstracts of the best papers on teacher education topics from the leading journals in the world in the field as well as from international conferences on education.
All of the material date from 2007 onwards, and is classified according to categories, key words and authors' index.
How can I find material that has previously appeared in the portal?
All of the items published in the portal are stored there. You can locate them via the various search options or by browsing in the archive of each section. Another option for locating previously published items is by browsing in the newsletter archive.
How can I get the original, full-text paper?
Every item in the portal is accompanied by full bibliographical details to help you locate it in academic libraries and in online databases. Cases in which you can link up to the full text are indicated by "Link to Source".
How can I keep abreast of new material that has been added to the portal?
There are several options for keeping up to date:
Locating material in the MOFET ITEC Portal 
How can I find articles on a particular topic in the portal?
All of the articles in the portal are divided up into sections that represent broad content fields in teacher education. The list of sections appears on the left side of the menu.
Another option that is recommended for locating articles in a more focused manner is by performing a search according to key words (right side of the menu).
The key words are listed alphabetically.
The results page will display all the articles from all the sections in the portal that feature the key word you selected.
The countries and regions index helps users locate an article or study about teachers, students, institutions, curricula or educational policy in a specific country or region.
How can I find articles by a specific author?
You can perform a focused search according to author only. On the right side of the menu, you should select the "Search by author" option.
The authors' surnames are arranged alphabetically.
The results page will display all the articles from all the sections in the portal that feature the author you selected.
What is the difference between a basic search and an advanced search?
Words and phrases written in a simple search (right side of the menu) will produce results from the titles of the articles, the authors' names and the abstract.
In contrast, in the advanced search form, you can focus on a specific section, restrict dates, request results from a title or the text only, and so on.
Both in the simple search and in the advanced search, you can perform a Boolean search by using the operators AND, OR, NOT and parentheses ( ). In order to find a specific expression, you should write it in quotation marks.