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1   |   From section ICT & Teaching
Opportunities to Notice: Chinese Prospective Teachers Noticing Students’ Ideas in a Distance Formula Lesson
This article examines the noticing of six Chinese mathematics prospective teachers (PSTs) when looking at a procedural error and responding to three specific tasks related to that error. The results demonstrate that all six PSTs attended to the order exchange issue. The participants were able to attend to, interpret, and respond to the order exchange issue from various perspectives. The authors argue that this variety of perspectives suggests a variety of access to PCK and prior experiences as students of mathematics.
Publication Year: 2016    |    Updated in ITEC: December 11, 2017
2   |   From section Assessment & Evaluation
Enhancing International Postgraduates’ Learning Experience with Online Peer Assessment and Feedback Innovation
This article describes a Higher Education Academy Economics Network-funded research examined academic and international students' experience of innovative online peer assessment and feedback. The findings reveal that the innovative tools, like PeerMark, facilitate a simple but powerful educational principle for international students. Furthermore, the authors found that the heterogeneity in assessors’ ability levels may not affect the confidence of international students in online peer assessment.
Publication Year: 2016    |    Updated in ITEC: December 11, 2017
3   |   From section Teacher Education Programs
The Effect of Teacher Education Programs on Future Elementary Mathematics Teachers’ Knowledge: A Five Country Analysis Using TEDS-M Data
This study examined the associations between teacher preparation components and the knowledge of teaching candidates based on data from the TEDS-M study. The findings reveal that the number of mathematics content courses taken has an effect on teaching candidates’ level of MCK in three countries. Specifically, the authors found that taking courses in discrete structure and logic had an effect on MCK in Chinese Taipei, Spain, and Switzerland. Furthermore, they found that taking courses in continuity and functions had an effect on MCK in Chinese Taipei, Switzerland, and the USA.
Publication Year: 2016    |    Updated in ITEC: December 11, 2017
4   |   From section Teacher Education Programs
Impact of Short-term Study Abroad Program: Inservice Teachers' Development of Intercultural Competence and Pedagogical Beliefs
Author Ye He
In this study, the authors examined the design of a short-term study abroad program for inservice teachers and the impact of the program on both teachers’ intercultural competence development and their teaching beliefs and practices. The authors conclude that study abroad programs offer a unique opportunity for teachers to develop intercultural competency and teaching beliefs through intercultural immersion experiences. They also emphasize that teacher educators interested in integrating study abroad programs in professional development programs need to design intentional and meaningful integration of cultural experiences, teaching opportunities, language learning, reflection, and collaboration.
Publication Year: 2017    |    Updated in ITEC: November 1, 2017
5   |   From section Trends in Teacher Education
Globalisation and Internationalisation of Teacher Education: A Comparative Case Study of Canada and Greater China
This paper begins with a brief overview of the relationship between globalisation and the internationalisation of higher education. This serves as a backdrop for the focus of the article, which is the internationalisation of teacher education. This comparative case study demonstrates how different globalising processes influence various forms of internationalisation. Comparison also sheds light on the importance of attending not only to broader, global processes, but specific, local contextual factors.
Publication Year: 2016    |    Updated in ITEC: January 3, 2017
6   |   From section Multiculturalism & Diversity
Teachers’ Beliefs of Behaviors, Learning, and Teaching Related to Minority Students: A Comparison of Han and Mongolian Chinese Teachers
This study surveyed the beliefs of behavior, learning, and teaching that the mainstream Han and minority Mongolian Chinese teachers in the same school contexts hold about their Mongolian Chinese students. It found that the two groups agreed that teachers’ inadequate planning and management were the major sources of their students’ behavior problems while students’ home backgrounds, abilities, and efforts explained their learning failure or success. Both believed that students’ emotional and social problems were more important than their learning problems for them to attend to, and their expertise in helping students develop self-worth was more important than their expertise in curriculum and pedagogy.
Publication Year: 2016    |    Updated in ITEC: January 3, 2017
7   |   From section Teacher Educators
Pushing too Little, Praising too Much? Intercultural Misunderstandings between a Chinese Doctoral Student and a Dutch Supervisor
The purpose of this study is to shed light on the causes of communication difficulties and misunderstandings between Western supervisors and Asian students in relation to their cultural and educational differences. The authors analyzed three implicit misunderstandings in this study occurred due to mismatched and unspoken expectations about the learning goals and learning behaviors between the supervisor and the student, largely reflecting their educational and cultural background differences. The learning patterns they previously had developed became a natural source for them to understand the teaching and learning of international education in the beginning.
Publication Year: 2016    |    Updated in ITEC: December 6, 2016
8   |   From section Professional Development
Pinpointing Chinese Early Childhood Teachers' Professional Development Needs Through Self-Evaluation and External Observation of Classroom Quality
The present study compared Chinese kindergarten teachers' values and perceptions of program quality with trained raters' assessments of quality in order to gain insights into effective professional development for improving teacher quality. Results shows teachers' beliefs of quality is the strongest predictor of their self-assessment. Implications of the findings for professional development are provided, along with limitations of the current study and recommendations for future studies.
Publication Year: 2014    |    Updated in ITEC: October 5, 2016
9   |   From section Trends in Teacher Education
Teacher education changes in China: 1974–2014
Author Jun Zhou
Since the 1970s, the Chinese political, economic and social sectors have experienced significant transformations, which have caused educational challenges. The quality of education, of the teaching force and of teacher education has become a major concern in educational reform. This article examines the educational reforms conducted in China in the past 40 years. The Chinese Government has conducted a top-down reform of teacher education over the past several decades. This reform has established a relatively stable teacher education system, regulated teacher education programmes and curricula, and provided an opportunity for in-service teachers to be trained and to upgrade their educational credentials.
Publication Year: 2014    |    Updated in ITEC: March 16, 2016
10   |   From section Instruction in Teacher Training
The Influence of University Courses and Field Experiences on Chinese Elementary Candidates’ Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching
In this study, the authors investigate associations between Chinese elementary teaching candidates’ mathematical knowledge for teaching (MKT) and their experiences in mathematics courses, mathematics methods courses, and student teaching. This study provides evidence that candidates who were exposed to greater numbers of topics in general pedagogy courses had higher levels of MKT in number and operations (N&O). The study also found that exposure in general pedagogy courses to two specific topics, classroom management and collaborative group work, was especially valuable for teaching candidates’ MKT. Finally, this study found that the extent to which a teaching candidate engages in student teaching with full responsibility for instruction was directly related to their level of MKT in N&O while the overall length of student teaching did not seem to matter.
Publication Year: 2013    |    Updated in ITEC: February 23, 2016
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