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1   |   From section Professional Development
Before, After, In and Beyond Teacher Education
In this article, the author uses a trip to a Holocaust museum to explain and illustrate psychoanalytic concepts from Freud to Lacan in order to re-imagine persistent dilemmas in teacher education.
Publication Year: 2013    |    Updated in ITEC: September 11, 2017
2   |   From section Multiculturalism & Diversity
Cultural Narcissism and Education Reform
This article represents a tentative step toward understanding the social and psychological underpinnings of education reform in the United States during the last quarter century. This analytic essay uses a review of the literature, including psychoanalytic research on narcissism and narcissistic parenting as well as contemporary critical theory related to education reform, to examine arguments and policies evidenced in A Nation at Risk and No Child Left Behind.
Publication Year: 2011    |    Updated in ITEC: October 27, 2011
3   |   From section Instruction in Teacher Training
Mathematics Pedagogical Change: Rethinking Identity and Reflective Practice
This paper is a study of one teacher’s reflections on a sequence of algebra lessons at the secondary school level. Furthermore, the paper explores a range of theoretical issues about identity construction, about knowing, and about effective practice.
Publication Year: 2010    |    Updated in ITEC: May 26, 2011