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1   |   From section Instruction in Teacher Training
Video Narratives to Assess Student Teachers’ Competence as New Teachers
This article describes one postgraduate teacher education programme, where video narratives were evaluated as a valid way to assess student teachers’ teaching competencies, promoting connections amongst different competencies, situating these in practice and showing their development over time. The findings revealed that most student teachers succeeded in meeting the set criteria for the video narrative assignment with connected video clips and text frames. However, student teachers also came up with only a few video episodes and loosely connected clips, reflections and other sources. Although most of the students during the programme did explicitly reflect upon their personal development towards becoming a teacher, almost none of them explicitly connected these ideas to their long-term development.
Publication Year: 2016    |    Updated in ITEC: September 11, 2017
2   |   From section Teacher Educators
Teaching About Teaching Science: Aims, Strategies, and Backgrounds of Science Teacher Educators
This study focuses on the specific expertise that science teacher educators (TEs) bring into teacher education. The authors were interested to gain insight into teacher educators' aims for teaching about science teaching, and how their expertise has developed on the basis of their professional background and experiences. The findings reveal similarities among the concerns of these TEs and yet considerable diversity among their approaches.
Publication Year: 2013    |    Updated in ITEC: December 29, 2015
3   |   From section Professional Development
Teacher Professional Development Focusing on Pedagogical Content Knowledge
Pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) includes teachers’ understanding of how students learn, or fail to learn, specific subject matter. Hence, professional development programs should focus on the development of PCK. The article implies that professional development programs should be closely aligned to teachers’ professional practice.
Publication Year: 2012    |    Updated in ITEC: October 22, 2013
4   |   From section Teacher Educators
Lost and Found in Transition: The Professional Journey of Teacher Educators
This article considers the professional development of 75 primary and secondary teachers in Melbourne, who had been charged with the responsibility of leading the professional learning of their colleagues in their schools. To support these leaders in their roles, the Victorian state government’s Department of Education applied to the Pedagogy and Professional Learning Research Group at Monash University to develop and implement an appropriate Professional Learning program. The participants in the program reflected on their learning through the formalised process of case writing. The article offers insights into the journey of these educators of teachers as they have developed deeper understandings of what it means to be a teacher educator.
Publication Year: 2010    |    Updated in ITEC: December 15, 2010
5   |   From section Teacher Educators
Professional Self-Understanding as Expertise in Teaching about Teaching
This article investigates an aspect of the knowledge of teaching required by teacher educators. It also explores how that knowledge might be developed if teaching (about teaching) is to be conceptualized as a distinct and important field in its own right - with its own forms of knowledge, ways of working and perspectives on the world. The article focuses on self-understanding as a component of teacher educators' knowledge of practice.
Publication Year: 2009    |    Updated in ITEC: June 22, 2010
6   |   From section Teacher Educators
Reconceptualizing Teacher Educator Knowledge as Tensions: Exploring the tension between valuing and reconstructing experience
This paper reports the author's efforts as a teacher educator to improve our understanding of the process of learning to teach. It illustrates how the nature of the knowledge developed by teacher educators about their practice is often embedded in complexity and ambiguity. This knowledge is explored as a source of tensions that teacher educators can learn to recognize and manage within their work.
Publication Year: 2007    |    Updated in ITEC: October 20, 2010