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Research Methods
Is This a Meaningful Learning Experience? Interactive Critical Self-inquiry as Investigation
This paper documents a self-study on the authors' actions-in-practice in a peer mentoring project. The investigation involved an iterative process to improve their knowledge as teacher educators, reflective practitioners, and researchers. The authors conclude that they present their analysis of competing pedagogical tensions that were overlooked and consequently led to a less than meaningful learning experience. Recognizing and appreciating the tensions and their impacts required reflecting on their individual actions through dialogue and shared writing. The author's use of metaphors also helped them to investigate what they were each thinking and feeling.
Publication Year: 2012    |    Updated in ITEC: January 25, 2017
Teaching as Lived Experience: The Value of Exploring the Hidden and Emotional Side of Teaching through Reflective Narratives
In this article, the author presents an approach to gaining awareness and deeper understanding of the practice of teaching through focusing on the lived classroom experience. The process is self-inquiry through engagement with Johns’ (2010) six dialogical movements, which results in gaining valuable insights into practice. The study highlighted some of the emotional aspects of the experiences of teaching and learning, and considered the importance of a teacher focusing on subjective response in order to gain awareness of self in practice. As a result of this narrative and guided reflection process, the author became more aware of the range of life experiences and abilities of the students, and he sought to arrange future sessions that were more encouraging and that attended to different needs more effectively.
Publication Year: 2013    |    Updated in ITEC: January 3, 2017
Understanding the Theoretical Framework of Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge: A Collaborative Self-study to Understand Teaching Practice and Aspects of Knowledge
In the self-study reported here, the aim was to acquire a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities that teacher educators and student teachers encounter while working with, and learning about, ICT as a tool for learning. This learning interest focused on both the practical aspects highlighted during the course and the more theoretical perspectives of knowledge and learning that emerge when technological aspects and tools are included in the process of teaching, learning, and assessing. One of the learning interests of this self-study was to analyze how the authors elaborated and developed their understanding of the theoretical framework of Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK).
Publication Year: 2012    |    Updated in ITEC: December 27, 2016
Research Ethics in Teaching and Learning
This article has explored the question of whether student research undertaken in the context of taught modules should be subject to RE review. The authors contend that the RE review of in-class research involving human subjects will protect researchers, participants and the institution, serve to engender a strong RE culture within universities and ensure that students graduate with an ethical awareness not always evident in recent generations. The authors outline a number of mechanisms that can plausibly be used to address the issues of resource constraints that limit most REC’s in the contemporary environment. Of particular note are their novel suggestions of asynchronous review and the inclusion of students in the oversight process, with due safeguards built in.
Publication Year: 2014    |    Updated in ITEC: December 6, 2016
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