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Mentoring & Supervision
Cultivating Relationships with School Placement Stakeholders: The Perspective of the Cooperating Teacher
This article investigates how and what type of relationships cooperating teachers (CTs) can develop with student teachers (STs) and university tutors (UTs) to enhance the school placement process. By facilitating collaborative relationships, a CT’s learning experience can be positively enhanced and a ST is provided with a scaffolded entry into the teaching profession. As the relationships in the study had various degrees of mutual engagement, joint enterprise and a shared repertoire, it allowed the ongoing interactions between various stakeholders to be labelled ‘communities’. The approaches of the CTs in developing communities were either enabled or challenged by other members in the school placement process.
Publication Year: 2016    |    Updated in ITEC: June 14, 2017
Supporting Clinical Practice Candidates in Learning Community Development
This study aimed to identify challenges that pre-service teachers face when developing a learning community within their clinical practice classrooms. Furthermore, it also aimed to identify which strategies pre-service teachers employed during clinical practice to assist in the development of a learning community in the elementary classroom. The findings include the discrepancy between the clinical practice pre-service teachers’ self-efficacy ratings and the implementation according to the supervisors’ reports. The findings also refer to classroom management in the open-ended responses and the post-observation conference discussions. The authors recommend on the infusion of additional classroom management strategies throughout the teacher education program would strengthen the pre-service teachers’ skill set in this critical domain.
Publication Year: 2015    |    Updated in ITEC: June 1, 2017
Planning for What Kind of Teaching? Supporting Cooperating Teachers as Teachers of Planning
This article examined how mentor teachers help interns in learning to plan lessons.The author revealed that some of the interns attempted to teach meaningful content but failed to consider ahead of time the nitty-gritty details or they attempted to teach a lesson that lacked a clear, worthwhile purpose. She understood that the interns often taught from plans that their collaborating teacher had read through and approved of Hence, she wanted to help the collaborating teachers consider playing a larger role in helping interns strengthen individual lesson plans before interns actually taught from those plans. The author concludes that becoming a teacher of planning requires mentors to possess conceptual and practical knowledge of instructional planning, how novices learn to plan, and how to teach planning.
Publication Year: 2012    |    Updated in ITEC: May 28, 2017
Mentoring 101: Advancing African-American Women Faculty and Doctoral Student Success in Predominantly White Institutions
This paper is purposed with operationalizing the concept of mentoring as a nuanced approach and attempt to promote the upward trajectories of African-American women in predominantly White institutions (PWIs). The authors struggled as African-American women to balance and decipher the various facets inherent in their respective roles – professor and doctoral student in a PWI – hence a mentor/mentee relationship emerged. This qualitative study explored the effectiveness of traditional and non-traditional mentoring functions for an African-American woman doctoral student aspiring for the professoriate, and the professional advancement of an African-American woman professor, who matriculate in the same PWI.
Publication Year: 2015    |    Updated in ITEC: April 4, 2017
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